Why Become A Member

If the question "Why should I become a member of ISCS?" has struck your mind, then let us tell you the benefits of being a member of any such organisation. Of course there is no regulatory office in any country which regulates which procedures are exactly to be performed by which doctors. In most countries it comes down to "you perform whatever you are proficient in". Even within the diverse specialities the training gets more and more specialised into subgroups of knowledge and expertise.

The benefit of being a member is that independent certification guarantees excellency in particular degree.In some countries this could be recognised as its own speciality by the doctors associations; in most countries it will remain an unofficial status.

Nevertheless doctors should be encouraged to undergo the extra training and get certified. Plus it will also be appreciated by the patients.

An independent orgainisation at the end should certify that this lengthy educational process meets up to the international standards. This is not only in interest of patient safety but also in doctors' interest.